This website presents the work of the luthier Norman Myall.
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Viola da Gamba and Guitars

I have thirty years' expertise in making hand crafted stringed instruments, including viola da gamba - from treble and pardessus to large bass viols and violone - that are played by musicians around the world. Bass violin, baroque and modern cello and copies of original instruments are made to suit players' individual requirements.

Guitars, from the earliest forms of the four and five course instruments to 19th century and modern designs, can also be made to order, with some available for immediate purchase.

Over the years various finishes have been used and research and development goes on for that perfect varnish formula! Two different finishes are now available:

  • A transparent coloured varnish that shows the new instrument and its beautiful figured wood to fine effect (available in light or dark shade).
  • Alternatively, for those who don't like sparkling new-looking instruments, a warmer finish with a patina and signs of wear.

Please enquire, via the contact page, about prices of the instruments, both those displayed here and other styles you may be interested in. The range of viols and guitars I make is far more extensive than shown on the website, so it is always worth contacting me with any enquiries. I can also advise of any stock of instruments I have that may be suitable for immediate sale. Sometimes, if I have a particular interest in making a certain type of instrument, I can make a concession on the price.

My aim is always to provide the highest levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Norman Myall


Example of work: carved viol heads.Example of work: bass viol bridge.Example of work: scalloped guitar back.
Example of work: carved viol tailpiece.Example of work: treble viol.Example of work: guitar after Belchior Dias.
Example of work: bass viol.Example of work: bass viol, side view.Example of work: carved viol head.

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